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Brands-and-Jingles specialises in jingling domain names, those online brands easy to remember that are at the same time valid web addresses too. We believe having a trendy, easy to remember URL makes a big difference. It leads to higher recall rates, quality traffic, intense word-of-mouth promotion - all resulting in lower advertisement budgets allowing to achieve more for less.

"Our speciality: short and jingling domain names, easy to remember, impossible to forget."

Dot-com domains still dominate the virtual commercial world and we try to deploy them fully. On the other hand, as they get more pricey and scarce, and as many of our customers want to shift away from boring dot-com endings, we have enhanced our portfolio with more melodic tunes.

Try to forget these jingling brands:,,,,,,, or and there is 99.9% that you will not. Tell your friends about,,, or and they will remember them for ages.

Jingling .me names are very suitable for a separate marketing campaign, a teaser tv ad or even a company name. Simple, yet powerful statements, like Modern.Me, Natural.Me, German.Me, Indian.Me, Irish.Me, Israeli.Me, etc, appeal well to the Internet visitors and allow marketeers to target the right audience with the right words.

At Brands-and-Jingles we go far beyond domain names. Our professional staff also works to create welcoming atmospheres and exciting experiences - things the end user would like to be associated with.

To get a flavour of our work please browse through the portfolio pages and articles written by our colleagues.

If you would like more information, why not send us a message.

Featured jingles

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  • "Island4.Me" >>>


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